Release form


    Data protection:

    1) The person who plays this sport accepts and undertakes all responsibilities and risks of his/her own free will on their part.The first and most importanı condition to make use of all activities is being above the age of 18. The person who signs this written commitment accepts and commits within the scope of this commitment that he/she is above 18 years old.

    2) The person who signs this commitment declares and commits that he/she is physically and mentally healthy and having not any health difficulty to avoid him/her exercising in water sports and other activities in the boundary of facility.He/She ispersonally and fully responsible that the information he/she declares has to be true and in conformity with law. He/She willbe responsible for losses sourced from the misinformation given by him/her. The facility will not have any obligation on its part in this subject.

    3) The person declares the he/she is aware of and accpets all risks and dangers that can be happen inside the HIP-NOTICS

    Facility. The person accepts that the activities are dangerous and full of risk which cause serious injurics and still he/she 

    accepts being responsible for accidents which can be concluded with all kinds of wounding and  death events during the 

    sport activities which he/she attends or exercises. Since all information about the facility was provided by him/her previously, he/she can not claim indemnity for any loss.

    4) The person or persons who sign the document declare that all physicall, criminal and financial responsibilities belong to

    themselves in boundaries of all HIP-NOTICS facilities arising from participeting in every kind of water sports and other

    activities; accepts, deciares and undertakes that he/she irrevocably waives from his/her rights of all legal and criminal courts including indemnity claims against our company, our personnel, other entrepreneurs whom we coordinate with, sponsors, the areas where the activities take place and their operators, the personnel who take place in sports activities, other participating companics and participating persons and audiences; also releases the activities on behalf of his/her guardians, real and corporate persons as weil.

    5) Within the content of other activities, he/she also accepts and lakes the responsibility of giving any harm to third persons

    Employee and to equipment of the facility before the above mentioned persons.

    6) He/she accepts and declares that, Turkısh courts and bailiff offices in İstanbul are authorized to settle any dispute arising between the parties.

    7) The signatory, whose name is written below, accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that HIP-NOTICS can not be held responsible for any accidents and risks caused by water sports and specially water skiing. This document will be binding fort he spouse, legal representatives and very close relatives of the signatory and also for persons dealing wity water sports activities and their managers. The person who demands to make use of all activities in the facility irrevocably undertakes that he/she read and understood above written conditions so that accepts and approves before hand the contents of all articles there in.

        I, who have my name/surname, adress and ID information mentioned in below:

    I have had sufficient training in water sport called . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .before ,I accepts and declare here by that I know how

    to make this sports theoretically and practically, I have enought learnt about the methods to protect my self from risks and 

    accidents, I am warned in every aspect by HIP-NOTICS, I look delivery of equipment in full and good conditions and I will use 

    the necessary equipment.

    Since I have had not a safficient training in water sports previousiy, I here by accept and declare that I am sure and willing to 

    make use of the said sports upon the theoretical and practical training of HIP-NOTICS. I do not have any hesitation about

    sufficiency of training and know ledge of these sports I entirely realized and understood how to make use of these sports, I 

    learnt enough how to protect myself from accidents and risks, I am going to use all the equipments delivered to me, I am

    warned in every aspect by HIP-NOTICS, I look delivery of equipment in full and good conditions and I will use the necessary equipment accordingly.