Data protection

We inform you, who visit our facility physically and digitally, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (for short, the “Law”). This Information Text has been prepared to inform our visitors about the processes of recording, processing, sharing, transferring to third parties, storage, erasure and destruction of personal data collected from our visitors who use our website who want to get information about our facility and our facility, and our related principles.

I)Data Controller:
Sun Turizm ve Su Sporları Ticaret Anonim Şirketi ( “Company”) (Sun Tourism and Water Sports Trade Joint Stock Company)
Address : Main Office – Maslak Mahallesi Bilim Sokak No 5a-1 Sarıyer – İstanbul
Affiliate -Cakıs Mahallesı Merkez No:9 ( Hip-Notics Hotel )Manavgat Antalya
Turkish Central Registration System Number : 0168000284300002 
is responsible for the Data within the scope of the Turkish Code of Personal Data Protection (No.6698)

II) For what purpose will your personal data be processed:

Your personal data shall be processed by the Company for the following reasons:

1. To meet the requirements of the services offered in our facility
2. To provide information to public institutions and organizations within the scope of relevant legislation during your stay in our facility
3. To ensure physical security
4. To use in campaign, sales and marketing activities
5. To communicate information about the organizations we organize and the services we offer
6. In order to be used in event news on social media
7. In case of receiving services via digital platforms, in order to fulfill the requirements of this service

III) Which personal data will be processed:

Your data below will be processed according to the legal relationship to be established with you or the transaction to be performed, provided that these are not limited to the following and are exemplary.

1. Mandatory information you have provided to us using our forms and/or provided when entering the facility
2. Your data processed by security cameras throughout the facility
3. The information you provide to us while using our services and making relevant payments
3. Any data, photos, shares, etc. that you upload or send to our website and social media accounts linked here
3. Products or services for which you would like to receive an offer
4. Information such as the browser you used to access our website and the website or application you came from
5. IP, protocol used and communication records that must be kept in accordance with Turkish Law No. 5651

IV) To whom and for what purpose can your personal data can be transferred:
Processed personal data can be transferred in accordance with the principles set forth in the present text and the Law
1. To our affiliates/associations, our group companies
2. To our business partners and suppliers, limited to the purpose of providing our products and services
3. To consultants and audit firms for commercial, financial and legal consultancy and audits
4. To subcontractors and third parties who are involved in these processes in order to make our campaigns, promotions and announcements
5. To Only authorized public institutions and organizations and judicial authorities, as stipulated in the Laws and limited in scope
6. To companies that own social media platforms, such as hosting providers or system providers, for your communication with social media accounts linked to our site.
7. To foreign countries in order to take services from companies that have servers abroad where personal data is storage

IV) Method and legal reason for processing personal data
Your personal data may be processed by the Company or real or legal persons who process data on behalf of the Company; It is collected through verbal, written, visual or electronic channels, including but not limited to physical documents, the website, our social media channels and with your explicit consent.

Your personal data is processed by the Company in order to deliver our commercial activities and ensure continuity in our activities, and to fully and accurately fulfill our responsibilities stipulated by the Turkish Law No: 6698.

V) Legal Rights by Law
Your rights are written in article 11 of the Turkish Law No: 6698 and they are as follows:
By applying to Company in writing, you have the right ;
a) To know whether it is processed or not,
b) To request information about this if it processed
c) To know purpose of process and to control if it used for that purpose
d) To be informed about the 3rd parties that it has been shared with both in the country and abroad,
e) İn cases where there is an error in the data to claim for correction ,
f) Requesting deletion, destruction or anonymization within the framework of the conditions stipulated in Article 7 of the Law,
g) To request notification of the transactions made in accordance with the paragraphs (d) and (e) above, to the third parties to which they are transferred,
h) To object to the emergence of a result against you, since it is analyzed exclusively by automated systems,
i) If you are harmed due to illegal processing, you can use your rights to claim the loss.

You may fill out the form that includes the right you want to use and the proof of your identity on our website and deliver it to Maslak Mahallesi Bilim Sokak No 5a-1 Sarıyer – İstanbul (address) either in person or post a signed copy by mail or send an digital signed copy to our registered e-mail adress Your claims shall be finalized in the shortest period depending on the type of the claim you make or at most in 30 days. In cases where any expenses is needed to realize the claimed prosess you may be charged the expenses that are calculated by taking the related rate Schedule issued by the Board. In cases where you apply via a representative, the documents that identify the authority of the representative to fulfill such an application should be included.

    Data protection:

    1) The person who plays this sport accepts and undertakes all responsibilities and risks of his/her own free will on their part.The first and most importanı condition to make use of all activities is being above the age of 18. The person who signs this written commitment accepts and commits within the scope of this commitment that he/she is above 18 years old.

    2) The person who signs this commitment declares and commits that he/she is physically and mentally healthy and having not any health difficulty to avoid him/her exercising in water sports and other activities in the boundary of facility.He/She ispersonally and fully responsible that the information he/she declares has to be true and in conformity with law. He/She willbe responsible for losses sourced from the misinformation given by him/her. The facility will not have any obligation on its part in this subject.

    3) The person declares the he/she is aware of and accpets all risks and dangers that can be happen inside the HIP-NOTICS

    Facility. The person accepts that the activities are dangerous and full of risk which cause serious injurics and still he/she 

    accepts being responsible for accidents which can be concluded with all kinds of wounding and  death events during the 

    sport activities which he/she attends or exercises. Since all information about the facility was provided by him/her previously, he/she can not claim indemnity for any loss.

    4) The person or persons who sign the document declare that all physicall, criminal and financial responsibilities belong to

    themselves in boundaries of all HIP-NOTICS facilities arising from participeting in every kind of water sports and other

    activities; accepts, deciares and undertakes that he/she irrevocably waives from his/her rights of all legal and criminal courts including indemnity claims against our company, our personnel, other entrepreneurs whom we coordinate with, sponsors, the areas where the activities take place and their operators, the personnel who take place in sports activities, other participating companics and participating persons and audiences; also releases the activities on behalf of his/her guardians, real and corporate persons as weil.

    5) Within the content of other activities, he/she also accepts and lakes the responsibility of giving any harm to third persons

    Employee and to equipment of the facility before the above mentioned persons.

    6) He/she accepts and declares that, Turkısh courts and bailiff offices in İstanbul are authorized to settle any dispute arising between the parties.

    7) The signatory, whose name is written below, accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that HIP-NOTICS can not be held responsible for any accidents and risks caused by water sports and specially water skiing. This document will be binding fort he spouse, legal representatives and very close relatives of the signatory and also for persons dealing wity water sports activities and their managers. The person who demands to make use of all activities in the facility irrevocably undertakes that he/she read and understood above written conditions so that accepts and approves before hand the contents of all articles there in.

        I, who have my name/surname, adress and ID information mentioned in below:

    I have had sufficient training in water sport called . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .before ,I accepts and declare here by that I know how

    to make this sports theoretically and practically, I have enought learnt about the methods to protect my self from risks and 

    accidents, I am warned in every aspect by HIP-NOTICS, I look delivery of equipment in full and good conditions and I will use 

    the necessary equipment.

    Since I have had not a safficient training in water sports previousiy, I here by accept and declare that I am sure and willing to 

    make use of the said sports upon the theoretical and practical training of HIP-NOTICS. I do not have any hesitation about

    sufficiency of training and know ledge of these sports I entirely realized and understood how to make use of these sports, I 

    learnt enough how to protect myself from accidents and risks, I am going to use all the equipments delivered to me, I am

    warned in every aspect by HIP-NOTICS, I look delivery of equipment in full and good conditions and I will use the necessary equipment accordingly.